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Series 60 3rd Edition Nokia N73 synchronization with opensync under Ubuntu Edgy

moving to opensync brought me some hope in getting Series 60 phones to sync with linux desktops. It was pretty hard to find working solution to sync nokia phones (was having a Nokia 6260) and i have always thought it is impossible to do so, until i found this thread in It is somehow mentioned that the E series can be sync'ed using opensync. This got me pretty curious :)

and due to the contract extension of my current mobile numbers, i've got a chance to get my hand on a nokia N73. Since byte got it i was already looking at it, and i would agree it is a good phone, despite some reviews that complain about its stability and laggy software (as compare to K800i, for example). For me, it should work as a phone, and should be able to allow me to synchronize my PIM info so that i don't have to duplicate them myself manually... With one in my hand, i should actually find out how it work :) Surprisingly, after some tries i got it working following Mike's instruction (partly)! thanks! mike!

as a simple how-to, this is what i have:

installation of opensync:
1. for ubuntu it is easy. I am using Edgy now, so i use the edgy repository

deb edgy main
deb-src edgy main 

add the above lines in /etc/apt/sources.list then authenticate the repository by issueing the following command

wahlau@mypc: ~$ gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys CB210090B029CB84
wahlau@mypc: ~$ gpg --export CB210090B029CB84 | sudo apt-key add -


do check if the key have changed or not, since the repository is being updated from time to time and it might change. Next you should do an update

wahlau@mypc:~$ sudo apt-get update

followed by

wahlau@mypc:~$ sudo apt-get install libopensync-plugin-syncml libopensync0 opensyncutils
msynctool multisync-gui libopensync-plugin-evolution2 

apt-get should be able to fetch any missing packages or solve dependency issues correctly.

preparation for bluetooth connection
contrary to what mike mentioned in the forum, i don't think that configuration of the rfcomm0 is necessary. I have removed it (i've got my first success having it) and the synchronization still work. The part with the pairing and sdptool add are also tested to be not necessary for synchronization, since the former is for authenticated pairing (means no bugging when connection is built) and the latter does file transfer. If you wish to still do them, feel free.

configuration of opensync for n73 synchronization
Most of the how-to will mention how you should start a new group for synchronization. If you want me to show that, do drop me a comment. Else i believe the how-tos available have mentioned this process clearly. I might put up another how-to later, when i have the time. The configuration of my syncml-obex-client is as follow:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<identifier>PC Suite</identifier>

several options i have removed them, and the comments are also not stated above, since i believe you only need my settings. do remember, the channel value is exactly the channel value of the Nokia SyncML Server when you do a sdptool browse, while your phone's bluetooth is turned on and is visible.

test and trials
Once the group of opensync is configured, you can test it either using the multisync-gui or msynctool. The command line is

 msynctool --sync <groupname>

when the process go on without making noise, you have successfully synchronized your series 60 phone with your linux desktop using opensync!

have fun, and i wish you luck and success in your own tests.

The N73 itself is really sweet actually. The screen is for me big and clear. The K800i looses a little when put side by side. I am pretty used to the Series 60 platform, so the lag and crashing part i have not much problem with it (i have even manage to crash the K800i once! heheh). The phone alone with active standby is able to make me more like keeping this instead of the k800i. Overall both phones are really great, and it is hard to say which is better than which. You can see that from many phone review sites that put both side by side to be compared. What makes it hard to decide are their almost equal features. But that also make my decision on which to keep harder... but i am just the lucky guy who have both in my hands now :) Will be selling one off i guess, unless something else come up very soon.


I have sth. like this, on phone "connecting" and nothing really happens, any suggestions ?

przemo@malenstwo:~$ msynctool --sync nokia
Synchronizing group "nokia"
The previous synchronization was unclean. Slow-syncing
Member 3 of type file-sync had an error while connecting: Unable to open directory
received event dsession
received contact dsession
received note dsession
Member 1 of type syncml-obex-client just connected

i have no idea, since my test did not had this problem. I don't have the n73 now anymore, so i cannot test too. :(

if you have the same setting (n73+ubuntu edgy), i assume this steps should work. Else you might need to check out ubuntu forum or some other websites for ideas.

as soon as i get my hands on another series 60 phone i will try this again and post, ok? thanks.

Thank you so much!!! I got my N73 syncing, but just a quick note for anyone else, you'll hang and have errors if there are thumbnails attached to your contacts (took me a while to work that out!) Still can't get the calendar and notes to work though unfortunately... I'll get back to you if I can get it going.

After spending a few months with T-mobile's crippled Samsung T-809, I went out and bought a Nokia N73 from Hi-mobile. I scoured the net and took counsel from wise friends before plunking down close to 5 franklins for this particular model.

First things first. I love Nokia phones. Maybe it's because I owned a Nokia back in the dot com days, but every phone I've owned since then (A Motorola, Ericsson, and Samsung) just could not compete. The closest I got to being satisfied was the Siemens SX1 which I used until it died. But this review isn't about any of those phones. It's about the Nokia N73 and, more specifically, how it does with Mac OS X 10.4.7.

Mobile phones are great. They do all sorts of things in conjunction with your computer as long as you use their proprietary suite of software that conveniently runs across multiple operating systems with names that all begin with Microsoft. I wanted to see just how well the Nokia held up when out of its comfortable bounds of Windows integration. But more on that later.

First, the summary for those too lazy to read further:
It's a great size phone. Not too big, not too small. Buttons are solid to push but keep your nails trimmed.
Call quality is great, battery life phenomenal, and I didn't have any failures due to bad firmware. Perhaps it's been upgraded since the first ones shipped to all of them pesky 'early adopter' folks.
The headphone suck suck suck. Nokia, you really let me down with the shipped headphones. It's not too late to fix this!
The picture quality is orgasmic. Plenty of pics to prove that all over the net so no need to suck up my bandwidth for proof, m'kay?

So that's it in a nutshell. But don't give up on this article just yet. The best is yet ahead. Promise!


Padre Rico Padre Pobre

i liked it a lot when i got my hands on it. But it is of course not without short comings. as comparison i had also a k800i, which i have decided to keep it instead of the n73 since i don't really need both phones with similar features. so i've decided to keep the smaller one, since the Mrs. will inherit it and I've got another phone from work.

but now things have turned around. with more wlan enabled phones around, n73 is just doing ok :) i think most of the excited users are moving on with n95. so i assume when you wish yourself a n95, but cannot afford it - go for a n73 instead ;)

about the shipped headphones - we all hate shipped headphones. Always wished that i can use my own set of koss instead. :)

thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience. where is your review posted, btw?

i tried the method above but got "Error while synchronizing: Member has not been configured".

I'm new to ubuntu gutsy, i managed to connect my n95 to the pc and even exchange files.

where is the problem on the phone or on the pc?

many thanks

it is still to expensive to own one :) But i think it has something to do with your Opensync setting for the phone? It took me a while to find out the right configuration for my N70/73 when i first wrote this. The bluetooth port is perhaps the deciding part, also how Nokia set the different applications.

a search in google gave me this. i have no idea but i shall install gutsy when it is out later (you are using the beta/RC version right?) so i might make an update later. stay tuned :)

Looks like you were not logged in as the user you configered your system. This error happened to me while configuring the groups as root and trying to sync. -> Of course there was no evolution to sync with  as root. 



Great work, when you say 'sync to dekstop' what exactly did you manage to sync?

Specifically I'm looking @ Contacts, Calender and Task List in Evolution.

I have managed to get bluetooth to talk to phone (simple transferring files) but couldn't get the msync working, thanks for thetips I"ll try soon.


BTW I am running Fedora.


if not mistaken all three contact, calendar and notes can by synchronized with the n73 from evolution. whether if it is fedora or ubuntu i won't think there is big difference, except the provided packages might be different. but generally you need to make sure that the configuration you do for your settings are correct.

i have sold off the n73 now, but perhaps soon i will try out sync with a n70 which i have in my hands now. do revisit this page later. thanks again! 

someone know how to sync with serial usb cable???

And, how to sync and backup smses ?




i am not sure but if it actually can be done, then i will guess Gnokii oder Wammu. I have not tried that, so i cannot tell. sorry.



hey check out this forum, it may help with your SMS syncing issues: this forum helped me out on my syncing and backing up issues. I hope it works the same for you :)

Hello, I've installed every single plugin from the list aptitude gave me, but when I try msynctool --listplugins, I get an empty list. Do you have any clues?
I run Debian Lenny amd64. opensync version is 0.38

Thanks in advance.

Hello! I cannot make it work with Nokia N96 and Ubuntu 8.10. But it worked perfectly for the contacts of my sony ericson W910i I will try the calendar also. Thank you very much! Leslie