Pledge or not?

Came across this today:

truly a good movement I must say - I have observed so many people struggling and giving up on coding, because the learning just does not make sense. I have asked around and I think no one knows the $1000 answer that 100% uplift the burden any budding coder has.


It has been really long. perhaps 4-5 years since I last "actively" blogged. Not having the time is half truth. It was during the peak time of everything - phd, geek-life, research/work, family. Lots of ups and downs, but I am nevertheless grateful.

Fast forward to today - seeing things are somehow settled (and I promise you work is still piling up!) and I often think ~ "hmm, when will I ever resumed what I used to enjoy doing...". I realised thinking will not change things. Asked a question in FB, had some exchanged with students and decision was made...